Skills 3v3 Leagues

Flash Skills Academy 3 on 3.png

Why 3v3? There is no better basketball format to develop skills quickly than 3 v 3 where every player on the floor has to be accountable to help their team (i.e., no hiding).  


The Format? Each session will be 30-45 mins of a focused skills based practice led by Coach Tim the Director of Flash Skills with 30-45 mins of 3v3 free play that will have rules and scenarios to encourage use of the skills the kids just learned.  More sessions will be added based on interest level.

Can I play with my friends?  Absolutely. The league is setup to honor teammate requests.  In fact, you can bring your own entire team to the league if you want.  Just fill out teammate requests during sign up and make sure each team member signs up before the league fills up, because we can't sneak people in off the waitlist.  Flash league sold out in under a week, so make sure to get the entire team signed up quickly.


What level of play?  This is a recreational level league targeted and younger kids K-5th grade.  For younger ages, we will be using lower hoops to help the kids with form and confidence. 

What are the divisions and game times?  Are boys/girls only playing with against their same gender?  The league is very limited in capacity to ensure the best experience.  As a result, we are allowing sign-ups first, and we will then form divisions/teams based on those sign ups (in first to sign up priority order).  Once we have the participants, we will attempt to run multiple sessions between 1-5 on Sunday to place kids with similar ages (first) and then gender (second).  So, it all depends on what the signups look like. 

Can parents watch?  Definitely.  Due to COVID rules and capacity, we will like have covered outside viewing most days.

Who coaches the 3v3? Coach Tim will be leading the Skills practice with the help of Flash competitive high school players that will also be refs for the 3v3.  We will ask for parent game day volunteers to help manage substitutions during the 3v3 play, but our refs will handle the on court coaching to ensure the kids are practicing the skills we focused on in the practice beforehand.

Are masks required? Yes.  Currently masks are required for everyone -- players, volunteers, staff and spectators.