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Shooting Sessions

Reserve a Bay.  Plan a workout on your device before arriving.  Check in on the Dr. Dish in your Bay.  Track your shooting progress on your personal Dr. Dish online account.

Skill Clinics

Weekly Skills Clinics open to members and non-members. Sessions are designed for different age groups and skill levels from entry level fundamentals up to advanced Flash guard and post attack progressions. 

Private Training

Take your workout to the next level with a Skills personal trainer.  Trainers can send custom workouts to your personal Dr. Dish online account. 

Camps & Tournaments

Seasonal camps and tournaments including shooting and 3v3 leagues/tourneys.


Each of the Academy’s five training bays has a Dr. Dish CT machine that allows players to plan out a workout before arrival, go through a trainer-guided workout in a reserved session, and track shot progress over time on a personal device.  Players can add a private training to a reservation with a Skills Academy coach at any time. Our coaching staff also runs regular weekly skills classes and seasonal basketball camps that take the skills out of the bays and into an interactive group setting.

“It’s the little details that are vital.  Little things make the big things happen”

Great players are made through repetition of strong fundamentals.  At Flash Skills Academy, our foundation is built from elite coaches that have a passion for teaching players the right footwork and fundamentals, where success is measured in execution of skills, not just the result.  Layered on that foundation, Flash Skills Academy provides the programming and technology to maximize repetition of those fundamentals, so every player can unlock their full  potential and separate from the competition.

Coach John Wooden